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The Synonym of - carbon (noun)

Word Example of - carbon

    Example Sentences for carbon

    Protochloride of carbon does not conduct nor suffer decomposition.

    "Burning" means that the carbon in the wood unites with the oxygen gas in the air.

    In the lungs the carbon dioxid is exchanged for the free oxygen we have just inhaled, and we exhale the carbon dioxid.

    There are two styles in common use, the carbon and the tungsten lamp.

    The Leclanché Cell is an open circuit cell in which carbon and zinc are the plates.

    Saturate the residue, when cold, with carbon dioxide and redistil.

    I found that by filtering the decoction from four to six times through a carbon filter, I obtained a clear colorless filtrate.

    The diamond is contained in the carbon, gold is in the fire.

    The carbon filament is placed in a vessel surrounded by an atmosphere of hydrocarbon, such as coal gas or vapour of benzol.

    They were incandescent particles of carbon which crackled at his feet.

Word Origin & History of - carbon

    Word Origin & History

    carbon 1789, coined 1780s in Fr. by Lavoisier as charbone, from L. carbo (gen. carbonis) "glowing coal, charcoal," from PIE base *ker- "heat, fire, to burn" (cf. L. cremare "to burn;" Skt. krsna "black, burnt," kudayati "singes;" Lith. kuriu "to heat," kartas "hot," krosnis "oven;" O.C.S. kurjo "to smoke," krada "fireplace, hearth;" Rus. ceren "brazier;" O.H.G. harsta "roasting;" Goth. hauri "coal;" O.N. hyrr "fire;" O.E. heorð "hearth"). Carbon 14, long-lived radioactive isotope used in dating organic deposits, is from 1936. Carbon dating (using carbon 14) is recorded from 1958. Carbon cycle attested from 1912. Carbon footprint was in use by 2001. Carbon paper (soon to be obsolete) is from 1895.

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