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Word Example of - carcinoma

    Example Sentences for carcinoma

    In men over fifty, the resemblance to carcinoma may be very close.

    Cases of complete occlusion constitute the rule in carcinoma, and the very great exception in ulcer.

    Carcinoma and sarcoma sometimes grow from the muco-periosteum in the region of the ethmoid.

    Carcinoma of the intestines appears either as cylindrical-cell cancer, as scirrhus, or as gelatinous or colloid cancer.

    Carcinoma is by far the most common form of new growth met with in the tongue, and it is almost invariably a squamous epithelioma.

    It is most often observed in the sigmoid flexure and ccum, as are the other forms of carcinoma.

    Of the forms of carcinoma, cylinder-cell cancer is the most frequent.

    Arterial or mixed bleeding occurs in carcinoma and in rodent ulcer, and also from the stumps of badly-occluded piles.

    Carcinoma probably furnishes a favorable medium for its growth.

    The tumor is rounded in outline and nodular, and varies in size, density, and color according to the form of carcinoma present.

Word Origin & History of - carcinoma

    Word Origin & History

    carcinoma 1721, "malignant tumor," from L. carcinoma, from Gk. karkinoma "a cancer," from karkinos "crab" (see cancer) + -oma.

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