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Word Example of - cardinal

    Example Sentences for cardinal

    Her cousin and adviser, Cardinal Pole, died within three days of her.

    I pity you,' said the cardinal, 'for not having even one man-servant.'

    This demand was unfavourably received by Cardinal de Brienne.

    It will do no more for you on a dying bed than it did for Cardinal Wolsey.

    The iron hand of the Cardinal still pressed upon his victim.

    The opposite engraving shows the palace as left by the cardinal.

    "Yes, he has escaped; but ere long he will be re-taken, and must answer for his double crime," said the Cardinal.

    The king commenced his march at the head of the troops of the cardinal.

    To inform the cardinal archbishop, and invoke his authority?

    The cardinal, taking the king with him, retired to St. Denis.

Word Origin & History of - cardinal

    Word Origin & History

    cardinal early 12c., "one of the ecclesiastical princes who constitute the sacred college," from L. cardinalis "principal, chief, essential," from cardo (gen. cardinis) "that on which something turns or depends," originally "door hinge." Ecclesiastical use began for the presbyters of the chief (cardinal) churches of Rome. The adj. sense of "chief, principal" in English is attested from mid-15c. Cardinal points (1540s) are "north, south, east, west." The cardinal virtues (c.1300) were divided into natural (justice prudence, temperance, fortitude) and theological (faith, hope, charity). The N.Amer. ...songbird (Cardinalis virginianus) is attested from 1670s, so named for its resemblance to the red robes of the cardinals.

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