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Word Example of - carefully

    Example Sentences for carefully

    He picked it up, folded it carefully and slipped it in his pocket.

    It had not been for nothing that he had carefully studied the ways of the nobility.

    But carefully note the reason appended to the prayer: “they know not what they do.”

    Turnbull said carefully: "I'd just like to get a little information, Dr. Drawford."

    This was in reality the beginning of Mrs. Dean's carefully laid plan.

    Trial by writing and by witnesses, on the other hand, must both be carefully studied.

    This is a distinction that is carefully made by sociologists and is always convenient.

    But here comes in the fiction which has been so carefully explained.

    Puns, unless exceptionally witty, are to be carefully avoided.

    Carefully smoothing down the floor, they spread over it their ample couch of furs.

Word Origin & History of - carefully

    Word Origin & History

    carefully O.E. carful-lice, from careful, with a range of meanings in O.E. corresponding to those of that word.

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