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Word Example of - carper

    Example Sentences for carper

    A carper might have said that Eddy was the least bit vague on the subject of the dear old days.

    There has never been an age that has not had its carper to tell you of the wonders that once were.

    The man so meagrely furnished as to hold no such idea is but a carper, not a critic.

    But she was civil even as she sighed, and he would have been a carper who complained.

    We are far from sharing the opinion of a carper who remarked that, as sermons go, this volume is rather dear.

    After the Carper lease expired without renewal, the caretakers left.

    I damned every Carper into fiddlestrings from old Adam to old Columbus.

    Any carper can find the faults in a great work; it is only the enlightened who can discover all its merits.

    Carper's four patterns of knowing serve as an organizing framework for asking epistemological questions of caring in nursing.

    Carper's patterns of knowing offer a framework for organizing the content for studying this nursing situation.

Word Origin & History of - carper

    Word Origin & History

    carp "fish," 1393, from O.Fr. carpe, from V.L. carpa (c.575), possibly from Gothic *karpa. A Danube fish (hence the E.Gmc. origin of its name), introduced in Eng. ponds 14c.

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