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The Synonym of - cartridge (noun)

Word Example of - cartridge

    Example Sentences for cartridge

    Bolts of it leaped upward to fasten upon gun-butts and the buckles of the cartridge belts.

    The cartridge exploded, and perhaps a ton or two of coal fell.

    Now and again the eye was caught by little heaps of cartridge cases marking the spot where some soldier had lain down.

    He stood unharmed, for the cartridge was bad, or the chamber of my revolver was unloaded.

    And the ragged crew struck at the spoil like a wave, lapping up arms, cartridge boxes, knapsacks.

    Then I was to light the fuse of the second cartridge and throw it in.

    I ask you whether you are familiar with these cartridge cases.

    The detonation of a cartridge or so when a bombardment is going on, what does it count for?

    If you have too strong a cartridge you may have a fatal accident.

    James immediately went to the cupboard and took out a cartridge.

Word Origin & History of - cartridge

    Word Origin & History

    cartridge 1579, corruption of Fr. cartouche "a full charge for a pistol," from It. cartoccio "roll of paper," an augmentive form of M.L. carta "paper" (see card (n.)). The notion is of a roll of paper containing a charge for a firearm.

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