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Word Example of - case

    Example Sentences for case

    For my own part, I thought pride in his case an improper subject for raillery.

    I suppose that it was his will and pleasure to add it in his case; and it is mine to do so in my own.

    Caroline herself had engaged his services in the case, and he was faithful.

    But whatever was the case, there was nothing for Clif to do but obey the signals.

    What possible, probable story can man invent to cover a case so cruel as this?

    The contest had been short, and well it was for the Spaniards that such was the case.

    I have taken this case of the schools as a case casual but concrete.

    Not thus, however, did Margaret regard the case of her sister.

    The use of chloride of zinc is practically essential in this case.

    We have all suffered in our turn, I dare say, though the case is not always so broad an one as this.

Word Origin & History of - case

    Word Origin & History

    case "state of affairs," early 13c., from O.Fr. cas "an event," from L. casus "a chance," lit. "a falling," from cas-, pp. stem of cadere "to fall, sink, settle down, decline, perish" (used widely: of the setting of heavenly bodies, the fall of Troy, suicides), from PIE base *kad- "to lay out, fall or make fall, yield, break up" (cf. Skt. sad- "to fall down," Armenian chacnum "to fall, become low," perhaps also M.Ir. casar "hail, lightning"). The notion being "that which falls" as "that which happens." Widespread extended senses in law, medicine, grammar, etc. In case "in the event" is recorded ...from mid-14c. Case history is from 1912, originally medical; case study is from 1933, originally legal.

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