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Word Example of - casket

    Example Sentences for casket

    They filed softly into the room—the Club rising as they entered—and circled around the casket.

    He took the mysterious rose from the casket, and held it toward Severo.

    Pog mechanically took up the casket and placed it on his knees.

    She opened the casket, and found in it six thousand pistoles.

    In that momentary calmness, he felt so strong and so rejoiced in his self-command that his spirit seemed to spurn its casket.

    Craig drew on a pair of gloves and carefully opened the casket.

    Here at any rate are jewels enough to furnish forth a casket that should be one of the richest of its kind!

    "But at any rate some good's come of it," observed the Earl, pointing to his casket.

    Yet, splendid as is the casket, still more precious is the treasure it contains.

    You have other vials in the casket of better hue and flavor.

Word Origin & History of - casket

    Word Origin & History

    casket 1461, "small box for jewels, etc.," possibly formed as a dim. of Eng. cask, or from Norm.-Fr. cassette, from M.Fr. casset (see cassette). Meaning of "coffin" is Amer.Eng., probably euphemistic, first attested 1849."Caskets! a vile modern phrase, which compels a person ... to shrink ... from the idea of being buried at all." [Hawthorne, 1863]

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