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Word Example of - cast

    Example Sentences for cast

    Of all the arts it was music that cast over Lilla the strongest spell.

    As soon as she showed her bowsprit beyond it, I was to give the word to cast off.

    Eric seized the curtain in his hand, rent it from its fastenings, and cast it on the ground.

    Almost always possible, provided they can cast pride behind them.

    As I spoke, the stranger started and cast an inquiring glance at Aveline.

    Hope shuddered to see the glance she cast round the dreary place.

    She felt it was naughty, yet she cast about her for other protestations.

    I am willing to acknowledge that I cast one of the two yes ballots.

    You must cast in your lot with the wild and take such weather as befalls.

    The clerk of Chatham: he can write, and read, and cast accompt.

Word Origin & History of - cast

    Word Origin & History

    cast c.1230, from O.N. kasta "to throw." The noun sense of "a throw" (c.1300) carried an idea of the form the thing takes after it has been thrown, which led to varied meanings, such as "group of actors in a play" (1631). OED finds 42 distinct noun meaning and 83 verbal ones, with many sub-definitions. A cast in the eye preserves the older sense of "warp, turn," in which it replaced O.E. weorpan (see warp), and is itself largely superseded now by throw. Still used of fishing line and glances.

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