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Word Example of - castigation

    Example Sentences for castigation

    To what length the castigation should proceed is of course matter for individual taste and judgment.

    Or would he fail to fathom her identity and so lay himself open to her castigation?

    We have always felt that that is where the castigation should take place.

    I couldn't say that R. wanted to give me a castigation when I didn't know what it meant.

    We considered it necessary to tie him up to the halberts, and gave him a castigation which to this hour he writhingly remembers.

    Its advocates have been met with neglect, contempt, or castigation, not with arguments.

    After this castigation he spent the night in the crypt, fasting and barefooted.

    You are at liberty, then, to go forth and assist in the castigation.

    I did not wish to subject the writer of “Bimetallism Simplified” to this castigation, but he would have it so.

    And when that shallow charlatan sneered at him in print, he left to Boileau the castigation that was so thoroughly given.

Word Origin & History of - castigation

    Word Origin & History of castigation

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