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Word Example of - casualty

    Example Sentences for casualty

    Several of us had narrow escapes, but the only casualty we suffered was Cornelius Coyle.

    The tumult and obscurity were such that Napoleon did not witness the casualty.

    The attack was severe, but the defense was equal to it and the net results were summed up in the casualty lists on both sides.

    Their barke receiues seldome or neuer by casualty any wound.

    In the reaction of relief from casualty, resourcefulness now might plead for him.

    The first of our casualty lists had been published, and they were terrible.

    I talked to-day with some of our own wounded who came limping through the casualty clearing-stations.

    Is every step we take to be marred by some unlooked for casualty?

    The mother was forgiving, and nothing more came of the casualty.

    Yes, the one mentioned in the casualty list was their Jimmy.

Word Origin & History of - casualty

    Word Origin & History

    casualty 1423, "chance, accident," from L. casualis (see casual) on model of royalty, penalty, etc. Casuality had some currency 16c.-17c. but is now obsolete. Meaning "losses in numbers from a military or other troop" is from 1494. Meaning an individual so lost is from 1844.

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