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Word Example of - cataclysm

    Example Sentences for cataclysm

    Men everywhere felt that the social system was threatened with a cataclysm.

    The goal had all but been attained when the cataclysm struck.

    And the second cataclysm in the House, even at its worst (which was what mamma had made it), was hardly comparable to the first.

    The cataclysm of the French Revolution interrupted his studies.

    I leave these airy words of prophecy as they stood in 1912 before the cataclysm!

    It took him a long time to readjust himself to this cataclysm.

    He was the first writer who ventured to maintain that the universality of the Mosaic cataclysm ought not to be insisted upon.

    His voice was a mere wheeze, issuing from a cataclysm of agonized mirth.

    His blind faith requires a cataclysm to shake it, and to revise a belief is impossible for him save under the stress of pain.

    He should have been giddy after that cataclysm, but he stood upright and steady.

Word Origin & History of - cataclysm

    Word Origin & History

    cataclysm 1633, from Fr. cataclysme, from L. cataclysmos, from Gk. kataklysmos, from kata "down" + klyzein "to wash." Cataclysmic is attested from 1851.

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