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"catapult Synonyms"

What is a better word for catapult? What's another word for catapult? What are 5 "catapult synonyms"? How can I replace the word catapult? What is the meaning of catapult in English?

Word Example of - catapult

    Example Sentences for catapult

    For instance we will make a sort of catapult by means of this ruler.

    Is it the thought of Wolsey which makes him frown—or is he wondering where he left his catapult?

    A young carpenter, who has some archaeological notions, proposes to construct a catapult.

    And he knew that at any moment this beast might come at him as if discharged from a catapult.

    The catapult was turned about toward us, and lashed tightly to stakes driven in front and behind.

    They tried their catapult with single, double, and even treble action.

    Then the door was pushed open violently and Bolt entered like a stone propelled from a catapult.

    Juve shot his answer at the lieutenant, like a stone from a catapult.

    As if hurled from a catapult, the Irishman was ejected from the white monster's back.

    Before he could reach the door out came his cousin, as if fired by a catapult.

Word Origin & History of - catapult

    Word Origin & History

    catapult 1577, from L. catapulta "war machine for throwing," from Gk. katapeltes, from kata "against" + base of pallein "to toss, hurl." The verb is first recorded 1848.