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Word Example of - catastrophe

    Example Sentences for catastrophe

    Notwithstanding this catastrophe, the five guns opposed to the Revenge continued their fire, and kept it up to the last.

    We did not get full details of the catastrophe until we reached Memphis.

    Within he was sickened with the sense of a catastrophe; outside he remained calm and confident to the eye.

    This question was put as the ship neared the scene of the catastrophe.

    We are now to notice this further determining factor in catastrophe as it applied itself to Halifax.

    But even so general a catastrophe could not weigh down the singer's spirits.

    Pumpkin as you are, Théodore, cannot you see the power that the catastrophe at Amboise has given to my reforms?

    The voice of the sthete is heard in the land, and catastrophe is upon us.

    In certain respects the earthquake of 1908 presented much resemblance to the great Calabrian catastrophe of 1783.

    The Queen had not been prepared for this catastrophe and was completely upset by it.

Word Origin & History of - catastrophe

    Word Origin & History

    catastrophe 1540, "reversal of what is expected" (especially a fatal turning point in a drama), from Gk. katastrephein "to overturn," from kata "down" + strephein "turn" (see strophe). Extension to "sudden disaster" is first recorded 1748.

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