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What is a better word for catch? What's another word for catch? What are 5 "catch synonyms"? How can I replace the word catch? What is the meaning of catch in English?

Word Example of - catch

    Example Sentences for catch

    Then a sigh, profound and long, and some faint words which he did not catch.

    We all did the same, but we could not catch a sound of any kind.

    If the Dutch catch this hero of yours they will hang him as sure as I stand here.

    I must catch him as he comes out of church, and see what I can make of him.

    I confess I was too agitated to catch every word that was spoken.

    Do we catch him alone and proceed as we did with the last one?

    Follow them and watch them catch and carry home small insects.

    The otter went into the water and came back to the rock with a catch of salmon.

    She would find it and catch one last glimpse of Job on the trail.

    Yes, if he were going to catch Andvari she would lend her net to him.

Word Origin & History of - catch

    Word Origin & History of catch

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