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Word Example of - catchpole

    Example Sentences for catchpole

    You can tell Mr. Catchpole his master wishes to see him here.

    I do not blame her so much, though, as I do that wretch of a Catchpole.

    Catchpole, the landlord of a small inn, two miles from the Dingle, and not far from Willenhall in Staffordshire.

    Mr. Catchpole, this assumes a very—I may say—painful aspect.

    Most vividly did that morning come back to him when he had once before decided to eject Mr. Catchpole.

    They were all immediately informed that a catchpole was housed.

    About a mile from Basche's seat, the catchpole found himself somewhat out of sorts.

    If that's all right, Mr. Catchpole will give you your agreement.

    You must know, that he that made the escape and the catchpole are a couple of ancient friends and pot-companions.

    The name she had chosen was Catchpole; and it still survived as an identifying force, if called on.

Word Origin & History of - catchpole

    Word Origin & History of catchpole

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