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Word Example of - causation

    Example Sentences for causation

    But disease of the nerve-centres may enter into the causation.

    To understand them they must be studied in connection and causation.

    This is the first knowledge of causation which the mind requires, and the most perfect knowledge thereof which it ever requires.

    In causing this mistake there concur both the relations of causation and resemblance.

    The classification of inorganic bodies also depends on causation.

    These three relations are identity, the situations in time and place, and causation.

    This unfortunate condition is the greatest barrier which can now exist to our discovery of the causation of any disease.

    The theist, in short, commences with a wrong conception of causation.

    From the other side the validity of causation has been attacked in the interests of the naturalism of the mechanical sciences.

    For causation is a category of the conditioned, it belongs to the world we know.

Word Origin & History of - causation

    Word Origin & History

    causation 1646, from L. causationem "excuse, pretext," in M.L. "action of causing," from causa (see cause).

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