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Word Example of - cause

    Example Sentences for cause

    Nobody was sure of him, and this cause augmented the difficulties of his position.

    This is my plea, on this I rest my cause— What saith my counsel, learned in the laws?

    Thus, the sand will be undermined by the waves, and this will cause the block to fall into the sea.

    But those which cause my disquiet I am willing to have remote from your hearing.

    Hay, wary man-about-town as he was, noted the flush, and guessed its cause.

    The New York has seen the signal, and will not be slow in making out the cause.

    It would not cause him much pleasure to have my little daughter killed!

    This was safe practice, be the cause of her occasional discomposure what it might.

    Your action at this moment may cause irretrievable delay and loss.

    They dwarfed the cause of her anger; they left her calm and serene, a cousin to the Superwoman.

Word Origin & History of - cause

    Word Origin & History

    cause early 13c., from L. causa "a cause, reason, judicial process, lawsuit," of unknown origin. Cause célèbre "celebrated legal case" is 1763, from French.

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