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What is a better word for caution? What's another word for caution? What are 5 "caution synonyms"? How can I replace the word caution? What is the meaning of caution in English?

Word Example of - caution

    Example Sentences for caution

    He went up to the portires, opened them with some caution and peered in.

    That will be as well, but caution her not to mention it to Mrs Campbell or the girls, Martin.

    The wind blew toward me and the game was too far for the need of caution, so I walked rapidly in their direction.

    "No, thank you all the same," said Paul gratefully, yet with a certain amount of caution.

    He maturely weighed his plans; the skill and caution of the execution could alone justify the temerity of the resolve.

    With the caution of his kind, the policeman did not allow Johnnie to lead the way.

    His confidence had grown with his knowledge until he knew nothing of fear and little of caution.

    The caution of the chief justice was extremely gratifying to the colony.

    In his residence of Tangier, Musa, with secrecy and caution, continued his correspondence and hastened his preparations.

    The night was dark, therefore we proceeded with caution as we left the inn.

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