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Word Example of - cavalier

    Example Sentences for cavalier

    As long as our one cavalier has been lured away from us by Delia we might as well try to console one another, laughed Marjorie.

    At this flagrant enunciation of Cavalier policy Evander could not but smile.

    Here was a perplexing and unforeseen dilemma; and how to dispose of the cavalier was a question of no slight importance.

    "Advance one step further and you are a dead man," said the cavalier.

    Again he is a cavalier wearing his velvet mantle, and plumed hat, with the languid elegance of a gentleman of leisure.

    This is my friend Bob Hely, performing the Cavalier seul in a quadrille.

    While these events were in progress, Cavalier was occupied on his mission of buying gunpowder in Nismes.

    On his way he met a hermit, who asked him, "Where are you going, cavalier?"

    The Count had a grand manner; he treated some great personages in a cavalier way, as if he were at least their equal.

    There is no doubt also that Cavalier had begun to weary of the struggle.

Word Origin & History of - cavalier

    Word Origin & History

    cavalier 1589, from It. cavalliere "mounted soldier, knight," from L.L. caballarius "horseman," from L. caballus "horse, a pack horse." Sense advanced in 17c. to "knight," then "courtly gentleman," which led to adj. "disdainful" (1657). Meaning "Royalist adherent of Charles I" is from 1641.

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