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Word Example of - cave-in

    Example Sentences for cave-in

    Perhaps, after all, he had been on the other side of the cave-in and had hurried on out of the mine.

    At any moment might come disaster in the shape of a cave-in or a falling tree.

    Maybe he can make up for the time they lost digging out the cave-in if it stays clear and the creeks don't rise any higher.

    If he could force a way through the cave-in there might be safety beyond.

    Day after day of labor and the indentation upon the cave-in grew from a matter of feet to one of yards.

    He attacked the cave-in with the cool energy that characterized him.

    They quickly dressed and hiked down the long tunnel to the point they had reached when the cave-in occurred.

    "There must have been a cave-in at our gold mine," said Hal.

    If there was a cave-in the whole party would disappear in the depths.

    Maybe you knew my father; he was killed in the cave-in on the June Fraction.

Word Origin & History of - cave-in

    Word Origin & History of - cave-in

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