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Word Example of - caviler

    Example Sentences for caviler

    What a triumphant answer to the caviler who could say, "Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?"

    Let the real Christian come into the presence of the caviler, stand before his very eyes, and the caviler will not see him.

    I say these things to teach us to be careful not to join the caviler in judging presumptuously the work and Word of God.

    Mr. Caviler, your voice is harsh and grating too when you get very angry, isn't it?

Word Origin & History of - caviler

    Word Origin & History

    cavil 1548, from M.Fr. caviller "to mock, jest," from L. cavillari "to satirize, argue scoffingly," from cavilla "jeering," related to calumnia (see calumny).

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