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"cease Synonyms"

What is a better word for cease? What's another word for cease? What are 5 "cease synonyms"? How can I replace the word cease? What is the meaning of cease in English?

Word Example of - cease

    Example Sentences for cease

    He may cease to regard exactness as indispensable, as it always is.

    Let fiction, at least, cease with life, and let us be serious over the grave.

    The clean heart must continue contrite, if it is not to cease to be clean.

    But the floods did not cease with that event, for several others have followed.

    In yourself, in Polypes, there is an ambition to cease to be one.

    The aberrant forms then cease to be, and the mores become uniform.

    So all the Shradh ceremonies had to cease, and the poor Brahmans had to be sent away feeling most dreadfully hungry.

    Likewise that of Macedonia—when will the Committee cease to trouble Macedonia?

    It was during these months that the Buddha would retire to some monastery and cease from travelling and teaching for a time.

    But the influence of these women did not cease with their retirement to the cloister.

Word Origin & History of - cease

    Word Origin & History

    cease c.1300, from O.Fr. cesser, from L. cessare "to cease, go slow," frequentative of cedere "go away, withdraw, yield" (see cede). Replaced O.E. geswican, and blinnan. Ceaseless is recorded from 1586; ceaselessly from 1593. Cease-fire "armistice" is from 1918.