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Word Example of - ceaseless

    Example Sentences for ceaseless

    “I have just come here to escape from the ceaseless rush of things,” said Power.

    Five months of ceaseless interrogation and the inevitable negative.

    It is only the last minute or so that one has noticed it—a low, ceaseless pulsation.

    But with the cold blasts and ceaseless rain of winter all this is changed.

    A ceaseless yearning surges in my breast,— Which only life's great tumult now can quiet.

    What was this life they all lived but a ceaseless worrying over what was to come?

    She came from her lonely homestead on the hills into the full stream of London life, and it had a ceaseless interest for her.

    Hell and the after-world were the butts of his ceaseless mockery.

    Through the open window came the ceaseless drone of the shifting multitude on the street below.

    His quest is our quest: the ceaseless striving to live out our true creed.

Word Origin & History of - ceaseless

    Word Origin & History of ceaseless

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