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What is a better word for cede? What's another word for cede? What are 5 "cede synonyms"? How can I replace the word cede? What is the meaning of cede in English?

Word Example of - cede

    Example Sentences for cede

    I will cede to you the palace of the Tuilleries: I seldom occupy it.

    We will cede the point, for it amounts to an admission that he knows nothing.

    Mankoroane, to protect himself, offered to cede his country to the Cape Colony, which point-blank refused it.

    I can scarcely say that I cede it to them, for it is not yet in our possession.

    But the "most gentle and good" Desiderius strayed from the right way, and did not cede the promised cities.

    France promised in that case to cede to him the Island of Minorca.

    The Siennese were to do their best to persuade the lords of the castle to cede that as well.

    In 1604 he agreed to accept that name, but was in 1606 ready to cede it to Duke John.

    She was ready to cede him this point if he set any store by it.

    Baryt was obligated to cede a thousand square miles to Tarrance.

Word Origin & History of - cede

    Word Origin & History

    cede 1633, from L. cedere "to yield," originally "to go, leave," from PIE base *ked- "to go, yield" (cf. Skt. a-sad- "to go, approach;" Avestan apa-had- "turn aside, step aside;" Gk. hodos "way," hodites "wanderer, wayfarer;" O.C.S. chodu "a walking, going," choditi "to go").