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Word Example of - celebrating

    Example Sentences for celebrating

    But it also appears that the ceremony alluded to is that of dissolving a marriage, and not that of celebrating it.

    He supposed that the natives were celebrating some festival.

    They were celebrating an anniversary service for the dead whose body lay elsewhere.

    It was on the occasion of celebrating what might be called the centennial games.

    By chance the old king, Evander, was that day celebrating annual solemnities in honor of Hercules and all the gods.

    Walter Petherick has been celebrating his fiftieth birthday.

    Such is the mode of celebrating the Emperor's anniversary festival, according to the court ritual.

    Three or four cowpunchers had been celebrating the declaration of war.

    Old guinea-pig Cornell, celebrating his seventieth birthday as the medical experimentation went on and on.

    "He" was the son, whose funeral feast they were now celebrating.

Word Origin & History of - celebrating

    Word Origin & History

    celebrate 1465, from L. celebratus pp. of celebrare "to frequent in great numbers, assemble to honor," from celeber "frequented, populous." Celebrated "much-talked-about" is from 1665.