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Word Example of - cell

    Example Sentences for cell

    Remove the cover-slip from the cell by the aid of the forceps.

    Clif had not noticed it, but there was another door to that cell.

    The 186 colonel summoned the sheriff, who took Joe to his cell.

    In the corner of the cell there was a board let into the stonework.

    It is some one pacing the cell at the further end of the passage.

    It was the next day that Robert Fairfax saw him in his cell.

    It is always twilight in one's cell, as it is always twilight in one's heart.

    The other side of the partition, forming the top of the cell, is flat and rough.

    At the same time, he sent the two men to examine the prisoner's cell.

    He sat crosslegged in a corner of the cell and closed his eyes.

Word Origin & History of - cell

    Word Origin & History

    cell c.1131, "small room," from L. cella "small room, hut," related to L. celare "to hide, conceal," from PIE base *kel- "conceal" (cf. Skt. cala "hut, house, hall;" Gk. kalia "hut, nest," kalyptein "to cover," koleon "sheath," kelyphos "shell, husk;" L. cella "store room," clam "secret;" O.Ir. cuile "cellar," celim "hide," M.Ir. cul "defense, shelter;" Goth. hulistr "covering," O.E. heolstor "lurking-hole, cave, covering," Goth. huljan "cover over," hulundi "hole," hilms "helmet," halja "hell," O.E. hol "cave," holu "husk, pod"). Earliest sense is for monastic rooms, then prison rooms (1722). ...Used in biology 17c., but not in modern sense until 1845. Meaning "small group of people working within a larger organization" is from 1925. Cell body is from 1878; cell division from 1882; cell membrane from 1870; cell wall from c.1848.

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