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Word Example of - cellule

    Example Sentences for cellule

    It will be something worse, a thousand times worse, than cellule.

    She flies from cellule to cellule, and in each deposits an egg.

    Next comes "cellule," solitary confinement on starvation diet.

    Cytoblast, sī′to-blast, n. the nucleus or germinal spot of a cellule, from which the organic cell is developed.

    The cellule composed only of protoplasm and a nucleus possesses the very same faculty.

    Then, with visions of "cellule" for every one concerned, four or five men sprang to pick up the champion.

    As it was, he escaped with the penalty for a night visit to the Arab quarter: eight days cellule.

    This secondary conidium can sometimes engender a third cellule by a similar process.

    For cellule means hunger and emaciation—awful hunger and awful emaciation.

Word Origin & History of - cellule

    Word Origin & History of cellule

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