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Word Example of - censor

    Example Sentences for censor

    There was a light burning in the window of the censor's room.

    They had instructions to pull the whole "show" at a nod from the censor.

    It was from the senate that he received the ancient titles of the republic--of consul, tribune, pontiff, and censor.

    Both operator and censor laughed and said, "No promises, monsieur; come and see."

    In 184 he was censor along with Flaccus, who seems to have allowed his colleague full liberty of action.

    The censor wouldn't pass a letter with a story like that in it.

    But what has the House to do with this; or why should it become the censor and promulgator of the speeches of its own members?

    There would seem to be no limit to the influence of the Censor.

    This report was published in pamphlet form abroad, because the censor would not allow it to be printed in Russia.

    Several bridges were also erected, and Cato the Censor is said to have built a basilica.

Word Origin & History of - censor

    Word Origin & History

    censor 1531, Roman magistrate who took censuses and oversaw public morals, from L. censere "to appraise, value, judge," from PIE base *kens- "speak solemnly, announce." Transferred sense of "officious judge of morals and conduct" is from 1592; of books, plays, later films, etc., 1644. The verb is from 1882.

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