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Word Example of - censurer

    Example Sentences for censurer

    It is easy to find a censurer of the sins of the land, but hard to find a true mourner for the sins of the land.

    Reflect′iveness; Reflect′or, one who, or that which, reflects: a mirror or polished reflecting surface: a censurer.

    The head-master had the generosity to bear his censurer no grudge for his outspokenness.

    The censurer, and the censured, will stand at the same bar, and be tried by the same Judge.

    Peevish, querulous, a panegyrist of former times when he was a boy, a chastiser and censurer of his juniors.

Word Origin & History of - censurer

    Word Origin & History

    censure late 14c., from L. censura "judgment" (see censor). The verb is first attested 1580s.

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