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Word Example of - centre

    Example Sentences for centre

    There were six arches here, of which the two centre ones had a span of 100 ft.

    All my hopes, my ambitions, my life itself have come to centre in you.

    Of one the Yellowstone, and of the other the Arkansas, is the centre.

    Stand by, centre first, then starboard and port, and keep your eye on them.

    A smithy is always a centre of life and news, as everybody knows.

    Between them lies the Lake of Titicaca, the centre of bygone Peruvian civilisation.

    In fact, to clear the Spaniards into the centre of the deck was no difficult matter.

    The head and neck of the male are black, with a line running along the centre.

    These combined causes shook the British empire to its centre.

    The tail is of a bronzed brown, with the two centre feathers of bronzed green.

Word Origin & History of - centre

    Word Origin & History

    centre British spelling of center (q.v.); for suffix, see -re.

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