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Word Example of - certificate

    Example Sentences for certificate

    I had to supply a certificate for him so that he could be kept out of school.

    Besides, I learn that the certificate of marriage is all right.

    Ralph Cotter and others are reminded that one certificate admits to all branches of the Order.

    If you are ill you must bring a doctor's certificate the next time you come to class.

    The studies named above are not completed when the teacher has passed out of the training class with a certificate of graduation.

    You will find your certificate of the fact lying on your table.

    And my search for this certificate must be managed with the greatest address.

    Master Bacon is a philosopher and you have here his certificate.

    She brought out her diploma and a certificate giving her a civil-service status.

    He is assured that I am dead, for he signed my certificate and followed me to my grave at Woking.

Word Origin & History of - certificate

    Word Origin & History of - certificate

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