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The Synonym of - cesspool (noun)

Word Example of - cesspool

    Example Sentences for cesspool

    At the lower end of the trough have a waste pipe which runs into a cesspool.

    Scattering flowers upon a cesspool of iniquity will not purify it.

    That cesspool of all infamies, the New York Herald, became the mouthpiece of all the like hypocrites.

    I should be the first to be ready to clean out any cesspool you like.

    The cesspool no longer retains anything of its primitive ferocity.

    Are you there, oh dwellers in the cesspool of respectability?

    And you—you live in this cesspool of sin and still believe in a Heaven?

    It does not come within our province to enter into details as to the best method of building a cesspool.

    Each looked as though the other were something unmentionable, left over from the last cleaning of the cesspool.

    (c) The cesspool is still the chief reliance of the world at large.

Word Origin & History of - cesspool

    Word Origin & History

    cesspool 1671, the first element perhaps an alteration of cistern (q.v.); or the whole may be an alteration of suspiral (c.1400), "drainpipe," from O.Fr. souspirail "a vent, air hole," from souspirer "breathe," from L. suspirare "breathe deep." Meaning extended to "tank at the end of the pipe," which led to folk etymology change in final syllable. Other possible etymologies: It. cesso "privy," from L. secessus "place of retirement" (in L.L. "privy, drain"); dial. suspool, from suss, soss "puddle;" or cess "a bog on the banks of a tidal river."

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