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What is a better word for chain? What's another word for chain? What are 5 "chain synonyms"? How can I replace the word chain? What is the meaning of chain in English?

Word Example of - chain

    Example Sentences for chain

    The dream-boy had tied him with a chain of flowers, so that he could not move.

    Then he took his watch and chain from his pocket and slipped it in the waistcoat of the other.

    The size of the loom will depend on what you are working but we presume that it is a chain.

    One picket had been posted at the end of a loop in a chain of valleys.

    The chain was too strong for that, the hold on his wild heart too firm.

    The chain carries them past the mouth of a trough full of melted iron.

    Nothing else I have looked at, of sea or plain or hill, affected me like that chain of barren peaks.

    Now, when her chain clanked, it seemed to her the war drum had been sounded.

    A chain of active volcanoes extends along the western shore.

    He erected a house on the ground: this a chain gang was employed to destroy.

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    Word Origin & History of chain

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