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Word Example of - chains

    Example Sentences for chains

    The rattling of chains was heard as the horses turned their heads.

    There are shouts of the men, clanking of chains, and puffing of locomotives.

    But the warders attacked them so hotly that they were all put back in chains.

    You revolted sometimes, but in his heart the slave adored his chains.

    He asked me to row to the nearest store, for some sea-grass cord, and all the chains I could buy, without arousing suspicion.

    The monotonous cry of the leadsman in the chains was the only sound audible.

    For days and weeks and months they marched along, their chains clanking and their shoulders bending beneath the heavy weight.

    If he could but get his chains off, he might escape through the window to the piazza.

    Alarmed at this dream, and incapable of obeying the direction given by it, his chains became more grievous than ever.

    The watchdogs in their kennels barked, dragging at their chains.

Word Origin & History of - chains

    Word Origin & History of - chains

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