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Word Example of - chamber

    Example Sentences for chamber

    The chamber, which was about a metre square, was filled with a thick damp clay.

    The things are all in my chamber; I want nothing but the habit.

    Then I became conscious that my chamber was invaded—that I was not alone.

    Emily was in the chamber with Flora when Sim and I fastened the raft to the post.

    Rats had been upon me, and rats were at that moment in my chamber!

    The first chamber, styled the chamber of peers, is hereditary.

    And she kissed her bed and the posts of her chamber doors and the walls.

    He stood unharmed, for the cartridge was bad, or the chamber of my revolver was unloaded.

    It was in the chamber of the rifle and he had overlooked it.

    They left the room together, and took their way in silence to Madeleine's chamber.

Word Origin & History of - chamber

    Word Origin & History

    chamber early 13c., from O.Fr. chambre, from L.L. camera "a chamber, room" (see camera). Chamber-pot is from 1560s; chambermaid is from 1580s.

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