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Word Example of - champion

    Example Sentences for champion

    Although Renee was the champion at throwing goals, Berenice risked the score rather than give the play to the center.

    With this hammer in his hand none can withstand Thor, our Champion.

    As soon as I find a champion, I am going to concentrate all my energy and all my talent on falling dead in love with him.'

    As the sun was sinking the Champion in the boat went over the sea.

    When Margaret heard the news of her champion's defeat her courage seemed at first to forsake her.

    "You have the honors of the day's fight, champion," said he.

    Mr. Charrington suddenly found himself in the most extraordinary manner the champion of the people.

    Hope was strong that in him would be found the champion of freedom.

    But who would force the soul, tilts with a straw / Against a champion cased in adamant.

    She he loved was sad, was poor, was menaced by many ills; then she needed a champion.

Word Origin & History of - champion

    Word Origin & History

    champion early 13c., from O.Fr. champion, from L.L. campionem (nom. campio) "gladiator, combatant in the field," from L. campus "field (of combat);" see campus. Had been borrowed earlier by O.E. as cempa. The verb "to fight for, defend, protect" is from 1820.

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