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Word Example of - change

    Example Sentences for change

    To change position might have crushed her now that she had left her hiding place.

    But there had been a change in those quiet waters while he was on the land.

    Directly our visit to them is over, we change our plans and leave Bordeaux.

    I hope she is doing nothing but what she likes in this change of plan.

    Ortensia uncovered her eyes and looked up, surprised at the change of tone.

    And what would have been the change in this little world of ours?

    It is my opinion, that a sea voyage and change of climate will restore my wife.

    There she was found in a flutter of pleasure at the change of scene.

    When I asked the reason for the change, Peterson pretended not to know.

    “I must change my clothes, in case of its being necessary to speak to them,” said Hope.

Word Origin & History of - change

    Word Origin & History

    change early 13c., from O.Fr. changier, from L.L. cambiare, from L. cambire "to exchange, barter," of Celtic origin, from PIE base *kamb- "to bend, crook." The financial sense of "balance returned when something is paid for" is first recorded 1620s. Phrase change of heart is from 1828.

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