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What is a better word for changeless? What's another word for changeless? What are 5 "changeless synonyms"? How can I replace the word changeless? What is the meaning of changeless in English?

The Synonym of - changeless (adj)

Word Example of - changeless

    Example Sentences for changeless

    But a yet more depressing feature in the grey facade is its telescopic length and changeless continuity.

    There is no reality to anything but God's creation, and that is changeless and perfect.

    State patronage for the factories was not known, that steady beneficent influence, changeless through changing reigns.

    Our desire and our endeavour is not for a moveless, changeless, undeveloping perfection.

    The search for the changeless is the great and delightful task of art, literature, science, philosophy and religion.

    She belonged to the eternal, changeless place into which they had leapt together.

    Was there a tremor at last in that changeless voice, as he spoke?

    These expressions do not apply to His Essence, since It is changeless.

    If love were this fiery, changeless, earnest thing with us that it is with him, what in the world should we do with it?

    But, if the infinite is changeless and one, souls are changing and many.

Word Origin & History of - changeless

    Word Origin & History of changeless

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