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Word Example of - channel

    Example Sentences for channel

    This induces him to cross the Channel in order to take a share in the Huguenot wars.

    He knew that there must be a channel, for he and the Spaniard had come in by it.

    You can "squeak" over them if you happen to strike the channel.

    Then this man is now piloting the Islander through this channel?

    The channel contours were changed somewhat in this portion of the stream.

    "There must be some sort of a channel through this pond," said he, looking about him.

    When we entered the chops of the Channel, there was a considerable swell in the sea.

    Morris shouted that the sampan was in the channel, and the Blanchita moved into it.

    On the island thus formed the barrel and some coal-bags floated about in the channel.

    It is further secured by cross-beams thrown across the channel.

Word Origin & History of - channel

    Word Origin & History

    channel c.1300, "bed of running water," from O.Fr. chanel, from L. canalis "groove, channel, waterpipe" (see canal) Given a broader, figurative sense and a verbal meaning 1590s. Meaning "circuit for telegraph communication" (1848) probably led to that of "band of frequency for radio or TV signals" (1928).

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