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What is a better word for characteristic? What's another word for characteristic? What are 5 "characteristic synonyms"? How can I replace the word characteristic? What is the meaning of characteristic in English?

Word Example of - characteristic

    Example Sentences for characteristic

    For once, he was revealing that fundamental egotism which is the characteristic of all his kind.

    These qualities are not characteristic of the average Englishman.

    Soames uttered a short laugh at that characteristic minimisation.

    The palms are among the most characteristic features of tropical scenery.

    Herschel had made his acquaintance in a characteristic manner.

    This ticketing is a curious and characteristic feature of the trade.

    I can give only one or two of its most characteristic verses.

    It was a letter in Arabic in Bosambo's characteristic and angular handwriting.

    This love of collecting and cherishing beautiful things is characteristic of the peasant people of Venice.

    With characteristic zeal, the Convention had created an army to meet them.

Word Origin & History of - characteristic

    Word Origin & History

    characteristic both adj. and n. first attested 1660s, from character (q.v.) on model of Gk. kharakteristikos.