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Word Example of - characterization

    Example Sentences for characterization

    "Pert" was the mildest term to which Hal reduced his characterization of Miss Pierce, by the time the one-step ended.

    She was really getting to me, you see, with that characterization.

    My humble attempts at characterization might be useful as "mmoires pour servir" to future biographers.

    But the subtlety of it—the immensity of the conception—the power of characterization!

    We recognize at once the truth of this characterization as applied to Wordsworth.

    His red slave's wig is thus made a feature in the characterization.

    When he was singing at the Opera in Petrograd in 1896 he found that every detail of every characterization was prescribed.

    The characterization of Othello in the rest of this scene is anything but happy.

    It is discursive, loosely constructed, vague in its characterization, and lacking in cumulative force.

    The very power of the characterization makes the traitress hateful.

Word Origin & History of - characterization

    Word Origin & History

    characterization 1670, "marking out of a precise form," from characterize (q.v.). Meaning "description of essential features" is from 1814.

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