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Word Example of - characters

    Example Sentences for characters

    It would be superfluous to speak of Miss Tree's merit in these characters.

    Nothing so true as what you once let fall, “Most women have no characters at all.”

    The characters are well grouped; and the spirit of merriment prevails.

    The only characters represented were shameless women and effeminate men.

    He dominates the entire action, and like a magnet draws all the other characters around him.

    The speeches were impromptu; the characters and rôles were stereotyped.

    In this conversation, certain points of contrast between the characters of these two young persons might be observed.

    But the good father does not give a very flattering account of the characters they developed.

    When the lesions constituting the eruption are of two or more types or characters.

    This precision in work produced an immediate effect on their characters.

Word Origin & History of - characters

    Word Origin & History of characters

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