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The Synonym of - charcoal (verb)

Word Example of - charcoal

    Example Sentences for charcoal

    The latter should be wrapped in thin linen covers to prevent the charcoal working its way into the tissues.

    There was charcoal only sufficient to cook breakfast for the next day.

    Pour the same liquor through the barrel, containing the charcoal, and pure water will be obtained as a result.

    In Gathercole the second element may mean cabbage or charcoal.

    There are moments when my affliction is so great, that I think seriously of charcoal.

    Adjoining this Refinery was the department in which charcoal was made and pulverized.

    By well washing and carefully reburning it, this charcoal may be used any number of times.

    He watched the flames lick the charcoal briquets in the fireplace.

    No matter if the water was discolored and tasted of ashes and charcoal, Santa, too, made the most of it.

    The bin for charcoal, which was the fuel used in the stove, was filled full.

Word Origin & History of - charcoal

    Word Origin & History

    charcoal mid-14c., first element is either O.Fr. charbon "charcoal," or, on the current theory, obs. charren "to turn" (from O.E. cerran) + cole "coal," thus, "to turn to coal."

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