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Word Example of - charge

    Example Sentences for charge

    I have been your tutor, and your rearing has been my charge.

    He was evidently one of the officers in charge of the castle.

    The fame of Pickett's charge on the right has resounded through the world.

    I should like either to charge with the romantics, or defend with the realists.

    Then, since you wish it, I must charge myself with the offence.

    He had experimented, finding that even the charge of a khada was harmless to him.

    The Home Guards had no sabers, only muskets, and could not charge.

    But I could pay Emily's fare, and place her in charge of the officers of some boat.

    I knew St. Erhardi at home, he and I between us had charge of my father's herd.

    Have you told the person how you are situated, and of the charge against you?

Word Origin & History of - charge

    Word Origin & History of - charge

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