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Word Example of - chart

    Example Sentences for chart

    The characteristic soundings are shown on the chart, with abbreviations indicating the nature of the bottom.

    He had the chart, with the courses and distances marked on it.

    "Yes, some of the Geological Survey maps," said Ernest, opening up a chart case.

    Maxwell did so, making a little dot with his pencil on the chart.

    We regained the ridge and then struck south-east, for the chart showed that two more bays indented the coast before Stromness.

    By the chart we should be well east of Los Lobos island, d'ye see?

    He merely speaks of them as "this small group to which the name of Chappell Isles is affixed in the chart."

    And on this chart the lines did not slant but went vertically downward.

    Being without compass or chart, however, I knew not where I was, nor could I decide what course to take in order to reach land.

    I am as one tempest driven, without pilot, chart, or compass.

Word Origin & History of - chart

    Word Origin & History

    chart 1571, "map for the use of navigators," from M.Fr. charte "card, map," from L. charta (see card (n.)). The verb is from 1851. The M.Fr. form originally served for all senses in Eng., but after 14c. It. carta supplanted it for "playing card," etc.; while from 16c. Fr. charte became the accepted term for "map."

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