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The Synonym of - chartered-accountant ()

Word Example of - chartered-accountant

    Example Sentences for chartered

    Yes, and on a chartered smack at that—shack-fishing on shares!

    The third kind of government is the Chartered or Free government.

    The vessel was of 800 tons burthen, and was chartered at 6000 dollars for the voyage.

    For a trifling sum I could have chartered a schooner and sought the atoll.

    During the last twenty years of the 19th century there was a great revival of the system of chartered companies in Great Britain.

    Scores of towns were chartered and hundreds of miles of railroad were constructed.

    The vendor, “Davy,” is one of the “chartered libertines” of Dublin.

    He ought to make his mark as a chartered accountant if he gets a chance.

    If the Cooke had been chartered, and sent out for our especial benefit, the capture could not have been more opportune.

    In 1874 three new companies were chartered and railroad building was resumed.

Word Origin & History of - chartered-accountant

    Word Origin & History

    charter mid-13c., from O.Fr. chartre "charter," from L. chartula, dim. of charta "paper, document" (see chart). The verb meaning "to hire" is attested from 1806. Charterhouse, the great English public school founded in London in 1611, is a folk etymology from chartreux (see chartreuse); it was founded upon the site of a Carthusian monastery.

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