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The Synonym of - chase (verb)

Word Example of - chase

    Example Sentences for chase

    Ben Smart had not been taken, and the pursuers had abandoned the chase.

    All we have to do is to keep moving to the southward, and keep a sharp lookout for the chase.

    Drewyer also returned to continue the Chase in the Same quarter.

    I should certainly have suggested doing so, if we had not been in chase of the Islander.

    In the ardour of the chase the dogs soon ran out of sight, pursuing their quarry towards the shore at Sligachan.

    Agnar went to the chase, too, and showed his skill and boldness.

    Chase returned to his reading; his only comment to Dolly was, "She seems to look pretty well."

    Why should we not rise up and chase from the hall this chattering crow?

    Nearly all the reserve had joined in the chase, and but three or four men remained on the post.

    If the chase continues too long, time may be called by the teacher.

Word Origin & History of - chase

    Word Origin & History

    chase c.1300, from O.Fr. chacier "to catch, seize," from V.L. *captiare (see catch). Meaning of "run after" developed c.1350.

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