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"chasm Synonyms"

What is a better word for chasm? What's another word for chasm? What are 5 "chasm synonyms"? How can I replace the word chasm? What is the meaning of chasm in English?

Word Example of - chasm

    Example Sentences for chasm

    A young fellow of seventeen or eighteen crawled over the brink of the chasm and sat on the rocks to breathe himself.

    Hawise leaped the chasm deftly by declaring it an improper question.

    He drew the steel, and, flourishing it before him, retreated toward the tree-trunk that extended across the chasm.

    He started off quietly, in fact, until he was within a few feet of the chasm.

    I took it heartily in mine, glad that the chasm between us was bridged at last.

    There she was on my side of the chasm that had separated usalone with meminemine!

    We had been there but a few minutes, before the natives, I cannot say how many, rushed down the chasm out of the wood upon us.

    They felt as if they were being pushed towards the edge of a chasm.

    It is a sea of color, a very New Jerusalem, on which one looks down from the rim of this Titanic chasm.

    Neither alone could effect the communication, could bridge the chasm.

Word Origin & History of - chasm

    Word Origin & History

    chasm 1596, from L. chasma, from Gk. khasma "yawning hollow, gulf," related to khaskein "to yawn," and thus to chaos.