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The Synonym of - chassis (noun)

Word Example of - chassis

    Example Sentences for chassis

    On these wooden rails was the chassis of a Ford car, and we rode in state.

    You have slept at the wheel and in the chassis, after hours of work.

    A small trolley was fitted to the chassis of the machine and this ran along the railway.

    But the majority of what they did not dare trust to the gas-bag they carried in the chassis.

    As the tops pass by these men quickly bolt them into place, and the completed body is sent to a place where it awaits the chassis.

    His demeanor had completely changed since he had climbed into the chassis.

    And if chassis is to impose itself from sheer necessity what is to be done with it?

    A chassis, suitable for a 71⁄2 horse-power quick-speed, two-cylinder motor, is shown in Fig. 227.

    Install the two shakeproof washers over the chassis mounting studs.

    Having seen the body placed upon the chassis, the visitor passes along toward the north.

Word Origin & History of - chassis

    Word Origin & History

    chassis "base frame of an automobile," 1903, Amer.Eng.; earlier "window frame" (1664), from Fr. châssis "frame," from L. capsa "box, case" (see case (2)).

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